(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)

Level 1 – Co-dependent
Without own Self; a reflection of others; limited ability to choose. Technically, one must enable others (who have real problems) in order to get self-worth or esteem.

Level 2 – Dependent
Using others to get one’s needs met vs. the automatic reactions of the co-dependent who gets their compulsions temporarily satisfied.

Level 3 – Independent
A person who can stand alone and fend for themselves. This level of attainment is pretty healthy but it can lead to isolationism and loneliness if one sets up camp too long here. Keep growing!

Level 4 – Interdependent
An independent who sees the value and benefit of working with another person so each can be more of what each wants.

Level 5 – Interdevelopmental
Very advanced stage of growth where people relate out of choice, desiring to develop one another because each realizes that by doing so they are at their best!

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