(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Language The ability to use words to articulate the present and the future, without having to refer to the past. Requires you to have a commanding vocabulary and a huge body of advanced distinctions.

Level 4 – Presencing Using words and delivery to bring into occurrence what is so or a possibility of what could be. Calls forth the beingness and greatness of people, rather than just the emotional/reaction/Ego side that words or meanings bring out.

Level 3 – Meaning Feelings or emotions attached to words or thoughts. Like MSG in Chinese food may sharpen the taste, but may give a headache! Meaning is what you add to words to make a stronger point, get a need met, control others or provide some form of juice.

Level 2 – Words A collection of letters and sounds, used to communicate. The vehicle, but without a driver or direction!

Level 1 – Speechless No words to express what there is to say. A shock, reaction or confusion is bigger than your ability to respond with appropriate words which help you deal with it.


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