(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


For whatever reason, humans have a Set Point — a natural balance point — for many parts of their lives, such as weight, energy level, success, money, love and thinking. And, as consumers, we spend billions of dollars each year attempting to increase our personal Set Point through motivation, action, adrenaline, mental gymnastics and support systems.

While these activities can and do help, they are generally temporary, expensive and sometimes costly to our most important parts such as health, heart/love and soul. Success that occurs without our spirit is vicarious at best.

There is a notion in the coaching profession that rather than push harder or push smarter, that we simply stop pushing at all. Instead, slow down, start seeing that there is very little you need to accomplish in this lifetime other than love, happiness and fulfillment. When you get this, THEN go for it! and you’ll have a great time BEING successful vs just DOING success.

10 TIPS To Increase Your Success Set Point:

1. Success is about today, not tomorrow. If you can’t enjoy what you already have and are accomplishing today, success will be something that you chase until you die.

2. Look back 5 years and notice your Success Set Point. Ask yourself: How has it increased since then and how has that happened? Learn from this.

3. Stop “trying” to increase your Success Set Point. Be okay with where your Success Set Point is today.

4. Start making each day be profitable financially and personally. Make the changes to benefit today.

5. Stop hanging around folks whose Success Set Point is lower than yours. You’re being dragged down.

6. Find a Success Partner (coach, friend, family member, colleague) and develop a strong relationship with them. Success is much easier with someone. No one has been successful by themselves, anyway.

7. Define what success is to you. Often our Success Point protects us from ourselves. When you define success for yourself, the Set Point often disappears.

8. Eventually, you will see that success is something that finds you vs something you need to create.

9. It will help if you design the life you really want vs trying to establish a traditionally successful one. Sometimes, simple IS success. Often, success is excess. Just take a look.

10. In my view, you are already successful. You’re alive and you’re engaged in this discussion. Have whatever else you create in this life be a bonus, not a validation.


Copyright 1995 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.