S:0031 Top 10 List: The 10 Laws of Marketing

1. Be inventive enough to be first in a category or niche. 2. If you aren’t first, then set up a new category/niche that you can be first in. 3. You can’t change people’s minds once they are made up. Put your efforts elsewhere. 4. There are no “best” products or services. The perception is…Continue Reading →

S:0030 Quote: Truth

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)   “Nothing that was worthy in the past departs; no truth or goodness realized by man ever dies, or can die.” Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)   Copyright 1996 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.Continue Reading →

S:0029 Distinction: Strength vs. Power

(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)   Strength is quiet and gentle. Power is loud and tense. Strength grows around obstacles. Power rolls over them. Strength creates humility. Power breeds dominance. Strength builds relationships. Power tears them down. Strength comes from inner spirit…Continue Reading →

S:0028 Top 10 List: The 10 Most Effective Things That You Can Say

1. Yes! 2. I love you. 3. Thank you very much. 4. You are SO right! 5. How can I help you, right now? 6. Why is that? 7. I apologize for what has happened. 8. Will you help me? 9. Are you willing to……? 10. I ask that you….   Copyright 1996 Steve Straus.…Continue Reading →