S:0155 Principle: Value

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)   Lie # 1: Time Is Money No, it isn’t. Have you ever put in a lot of time and received little (or no) money? And have you ever spent just a little time and received a disproportionately large…Continue Reading →

S:0154 Quote: Wisdom – old saying

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)   “A person who doesn’t know but knows that he doesn’t know is a student; teach him. A person who knows but who doesn’t know that he knows is asleep; awaken him. But a person who knows and knows that he knows is wise; follow him.” Old…Continue Reading →

S:0153 Quote: Trying

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)   “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back   Coaching Point: Are you willing to accept the outcomes from doing or not doing?   Copyright 1998 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.Continue Reading →

S:0152 Distinction: Honesty vs. Openness

(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)   Honesty is a measure of truthfulness. Honesty is a matter of your personal integrity and is a precursor to being able to live as an authentic person. You decide to be an honest person or not.…Continue Reading →