S:0564 Quote: Stupid

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)   “If it s stupid, but it works, it s not stupid.” Steve Straus   Coaching Point: Sometimes other people think our ideas are stupid and sometimes we let those opinions stop us. Where are you willing to try something stupid that, in your gut, you are…Continue Reading →

S:0563 Principle: Wisdom Passed On

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)   Sometimes it s easy to feel that you re waiting for someone to show you the secret to life, the answer to your unasked question, the rules of the game. Sometimes, even as an adult, you can feel…Continue Reading →

S:0562 Quote: Reality

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)   “It doesn t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn t matter how smart you are. If it doesn t agree with experiment [or reality or what is ], it s wrong.” Richard P. Feynman – Physicist and 1965 Nobel Laureate   Coaching Point: Have…Continue Reading →

S:0561 Great Question: How?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)   “How can I ….?”   Coaching Point: Most people have the instant reaction of “I can’t” when facing some new challenge or opportunity. An “I can’t” approach leads to a mental lock up. “How can I ….?” leads to fresh ideas, new resources, and…Continue Reading →