What is the history of these gems of wisdom?
The genesis of Steve’s 3-Minute Coaching (S3MC) was for a weekly business networking group of which I was a member. It was a leading- edge group brimming with strong, successful members. I wanted to add value to them, and being fairly new to the group, offered to create and deliver a short, unique bit of thought and inspiration from the then-still- emerging profession of Coaching. (It also gave me guaranteed weekly visibility with the group!)
Soon they asked me to fax each week’s offering, using the then-high-tech fax broadcasting from my PC. (It was mid-1995.) They might have to miss a meeting, but wanted to not miss the S3MC. Faxing turned into early AOL email and then to today’s automated distribution systems and social networking tools.
There currently are subscribers on six continents. It used to go to all seven due to a single subscriber at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, but she rotated out.

It has also been translated into French and redistributed by a Coach in France, and into Spanish and redistributed by a Coach in Madrid, Spain. I’m grateful to them both for increasing access to this material.
Okay, that’s the back story on this book. I had a desire to add value, wanted visibility, responded to readers’ requests to upgrade the delivery medium, and wrote something every week—900+ issues so far. In retrospect, it seems pretty easy. All can be found on www.Steves3MinuteCoaching.com.
I wonder what wonderful thing you could produce, writing just once a week? I’d love to hear about it.