S:0213 Top 10 List: Top 10 Attributes of an Emotional Con Artist

1) They developed conning as an early survival technique. 2) They use conning as a way to get their needs met. 3) They may be unaware of their needs. 4) They are unaware of the costs of their needs. 5) They are exceptional “readers” of others needs. 6) They know how to push other people’s […]

S:0167 Top 10 List: Top 10 Definitions About Coaching (plus 2!)

The following is from the International Coach Federation: 1. Coaches subscribe to common philosophies, and pursue common objectives. 2. Coaching helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. 3. Coaching focuses on the goals the client chooses. 4. Coaching is tailored to the individual needs of the client. 5. Coaching […]

S:0158 Top 10 List: Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Live Their Dreams

1. They don’t believe they can live their dreams. 2. They aren’t clear about what would fulfill them. 3. They don’t think they have a dream. 4. They don’t believe they can make enough money living their dream.’ 5. They’re lazy. 6. They think they don’t have the time to think about or start living […]

S:0149 Top 10 List: Top 10 Things to Focus On

1. Your Spirituality You are not alone. Your growth in this area will be based on your beliefs, religion and history, but mostly it will be based on your awareness. 2. Your Money You can have any quantity you want, just make sure you know why you want it. 3. Your Body. It’s a waste […]

S:0144 Top 10 List: Top 10 Types of Results That Can Be Produced

1. Financial results: More money is made. 2. Legacy results: You’ve left your mark on civilization. 3. Improvement results: Things have gotten better. 4. Reduction results: Things have gotten simpler. 5. Integrity results: Things have gotten stronger. 6. Expansion results: Things have gotten bigger. 7. Awareness results: You have gotten smarter. 8. Energy results: People […]

S:0141 Top 10 List: Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Word

1. It feels good. 2. It keeps your life simple. 3. You keep your integrity intact. 4. You won’t have to lie about anything. 5. You won’t have to avoid anyone or anything. 6. You’ll have more energy. 7. You’ll attract high-quality people. 8. You’ll feel great about yourself. 9. Every time you keep your […]

S:0139 Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Attract Business

1. Be a walking demonstration of how effective your product or service is. 2. Seek to serve instead of just seeking to sell. 3. Add value by networking all of the time: Be a matchmaker every single day. 4. Add value to your potential customers by expanding their professional vision or goals. 5. Add value […]

S:0138 Top 10 List: Ways to Make Sure Your Actions Produce Better Results

1. Identify the exact desired outcome before taking the action. 2. Make sure that the actions you’re taking are the ones that will get you the result you want. 3. Take twice the actions than you think it will take to get the result. 4. Learn while you’re taking action — improve, adjust what you’re […]

S:0133 Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Personal Bandwidth

[Personal bandwidth refers to your ability to learn and process information.] 1. Give up what you think the future should look like. 2. Stop trying to protect what you have or what you’ve created. Be able to afford to “lose it all”. 3. Stop trying to prove something to others or to yourself. 4. Heal […]

S:0131 Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Set and Extend Boundaries

1. Educate people way in advance: “You know, I’m fairly touchy about people raising their voice at me…” 2. Ask the other person to stop: “I ask that you stop yelling at me, now.” 3. Demand that the other person stop: “I demand that you stop yelling now.” 4. Walk away: “I am walking away […]