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I’ve been a Coach since before there was a profession called Coaching.

That’s not a brag, it’s a statement that I got very, very lucky by being drawn into the special relationship between two people which now has the label called  Coaching. That relationship is one in which an individual desires for something about their life to become better and they engage a Coach who’s function is to assist them in that process.

Thus, my only agenda is to assist people to discover, and get, their agenda. That has been the basis of my role since my first Coaching visit with my first client in January of 1987. I serve this function in two formats, private and group.

Private Coaching

Over 600 people have asked me to ‘run along beside them’ in private Coaching relationships. The structure of each engagement varies somewhat but is basically a frequent connection, usually by phone, sometimes in person, during which we discern the best use of the time together. It is an action based relationship deriving from some piece of increased awareness and clarity by the client. THere are no formulas nor rigid plan, therefore each call with each clients ends up being of optimal impact for them. The point of having a Coach is to have the life you want quicker and easier than if you go it alone.

Group Coaching

from time to time I have assembled groups of people who desire the assistance of a Coach and find special benefit in the dynamics of a group format. While an obvious benefit of being part of a group is that the price point is less than for having a private Coaching relationship, the real and more significant benefit is the shared energy present in a group. When several people who have a interest in being toegether, who perhaps share some goals, who want to learn and master some life tools, gather with a Coach to assist them, magic can happen. And, like private Coaching, sucessful groups have a fun component about them. We like being with each other.

From here…?

If you would like more detail/information/understanding about my Coaching, go to StrausUSA.com

If you would like to talk with me personally, call (214) 693-1417, and we’ll talk about what might be missing for you, what you want, and how I may be useful for you.

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