(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)

Level 5 – Secure
One just IS (versus FEELS) this way about themselves or a situation. When you are secure, you can afford to take more risks. It comes from having a very strong personal foundation.

Level 4 – Safe
Several layers of protection make you feel this way, yet you’re subject to mood swings and reactions to anticipated or actual threats, so it is conditional.

Level 3 – Insured
Some safeguards – like locking your doors – yet a way to be compensated or restored in case someone gets through. They require little maintenance and payment.

Level 2 – Protected
As in a fence, to save you from a threat to your body, heart or sole. These are external and require maintenance. You expect “incursions”, so you get them.

Level 1 – At Risk
Exposed, subject to consequences, inner strength required to get through something. External safeguards are also necessary.

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