The era of relying upon sheer will power, self-motivation and self-empowerment is over. Replacing these emotionally and mentally expensive, albeit proven, approaches is a set of more sustainable, easier-on-the-system goal achievement skills.

1. To become more successful, set goals based on your Personal Values instead of Madison Avenue’s Values.
There are over 100 Personal Values in the “value pool” and each of us has about 10 of these which ring true for us. When you know what’s most important to you (aka your values), you’re more likely to set goals that are you, and thus far easier to reach.

2. Identify outcomes instead of just goals.
A goal can be fairly narrow and if we fail to achieve it, we may feel like we’ve failed. Do you have a goal to make a big sale, or is it that you really want the outcome of financial independence? Plus, you get the real motivator which is daily success, not the striving for a future goal.

3. Identify character traits and personal qualities which you’d feel great to have.
Rather than set external goals such as making $1,000,000 or winning the next race, set goals based on who you want to become, as a person. These are called “who” goals in contrast with “what” goals. “Who” goals include goals like being a person who is creative, a good friend, compassionate, a good communicator, full of integrity, always honest, has a strong personal foundation, enjoys their work, saves money, has financial independence, etc. “What” goals are great, but are more fulfilling when they integrate with your “who” goals.


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