7. Remove the blocks which are delaying your achieving the goal or change.
Think Roto-Rooter — better to unblock the pipes than strain yourself with a plunger or toss toxic chemicals down the drain. Think Chiropractic where the primary objective is to release blockages in the body’s electrical (nervous) system, rather than ingesting medicines trying to override the body’s natural process. If you’re having a hard time reaching a goal, ask a friend or your coach to help you identify what’s in the way — it may be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

8. Abandon the goals you’ve had for more than a year which haven’t been reached.
It’s better to toss them out because they’ve likely become “should’s,” “could’s” or “ought’s.” Once a goal has deteriorated to this level, attempting to keep it alive actually drags down the rest of your life. Set goals that come easily or that really appeal to you.

9. Hang out with other people who already have reached the goal you most want for yourself.
This sets up your environment to motivate and support you, instead of you having to push or motivate yourself. Osmosis is a more effective, healthier and effortless approach than resolve.

10. A radical approach is to give up goals entirely and simply respond fully to what occurs during every day.
Fully responding means that you learn from each and every event during your day to the point that you make changes, stop doing things a certain way, and get your ideas from your environment instead of from “yourself.” It is a learned skill that takes about a year to perfect.


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