S:0063 Top 10 List: The Top 10 Virtual Management Skills (1 of 2)

1. Group TeleConference TeleMeetings
Use these instead of on-site meetings. There is a unique set of skills to learn that make these TeleMeetings highly effective.

2. Group TeleClasses
Use these to conduct trainings over the phone instead of on-site. There is a unique set of skills to learn that make these TeleClasses highly effective.

3. Just-in-Time Training Modules
Offer these via a website, email, fax on demand or teleconference call, to provide immediate training and solutions to staff who are facing similar problems.

4. Email
The highly effective virtual manager will be responding to between 50 and 200 emails a day. Learning the ins and outs of emails, autoresponders and e-mailing lists will reduce by at least 50% the time you spend answering emails.

5. VoiceMail
Set up a call-in system so your folks in the field can call in their results as they occur versus waiting for a meeting, computer or conference call. This keeps everyone on their toes but also keeps you informed the MOMENT things are happening.


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