(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Fulfillment
An inner flow. A connection with others, spirit and accomplishment. It comes from a full expression of your true values.

Level 4 – Satisfaction
A feeling of “OK-ness” which usually comes from having your needs met or your wants gratified, either temporarily or long term. Once you’ve experienced it it will become your standard for all areas.

Level 3 – Pleasure
Joy, in small doses, from people or activities. Pleasure creates memories.

Level 2 – Feeling
A reaction of the heart or mind, such as happy, sad, upset, love, anger, desire. It’s useful to be in touch with your feelings.

Level 1 – Unfulfilled
Lack of fulfillment, bored, frustrated, yet you know there’s something better, you just haven’t experienced it yet. It’s actually good news to know that something is missing because that contributes a desire to be fulfilled.

Coaching Point: As you plan 1997 do you have Fulfillment as one of your goals?


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