Problems come to us because we missed an earlier “message.” So, by the time we experience something as a PROBLEM, it’s likely been a problem for a while — we just didn’t know it. It’s actually GOOD to overreact when you DO notice a problem.

1. If you bounce a check: Get overdraft protection, put $10,000 in checking, get a bookkeeper.

2. If you lose a client: Find out the 5 reasons why, make two huge changes in client service, and add value immediately to all of your other, current clients.

3. If you break something or have an accident: Take 2 days off and simplify your life considerably.

4. If you’re not building your business: Ask those who are successful in your field to take a look and tell you exactly why; then use help to implement their recommendations.

5. If something isn’t coming or occurring or progressing easily: Stop everything and question every assumption.


Copyright 1997 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.