1. Be someone that they really enjoy as a person and as a vendor.

2. Call your customers each quarter to ask if they’re having any problems or have ideas for improvement.

3. Continually improve your product or service.

4. Keep your customer informed about future changes and upgrades about the product they bought.

5. Keep your customer informed about what the media and other customers are saying about what they bought.

6. Keep your customer completely informed when there’s a problem or perceived problem about their product.

7. Educate your customer on making the most of your product.

8. Do the unexpected, again and again.

9. Create a “special client-only” club or group that gets extra things, early announcements, special invitations – anything worthwhile.

10. Be 6-24 months ahead of the competition – and stay there.


Copyright 1997 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.