(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


(Note: Before you work on this S3MC you will want to have fully attained S:0101, which is about Cause.)

Level 5 – Grant.
To grant full credit to others for your success and happiness. Yes, you did the work. Yes, you had the courage and fortitude and brilliance to pull it off, but we know that! The point is — not much worth creating is worth creating alone. It is this granting (partnership) which makes life fulfilling. To point to yourself as the source of your success may be accurate, yet small.

Level 4 – Give credit.
To share the credit of your success; to see yourself a product of those key people in your life. People who cannot do this remain small throughout life because they have no way to share their souls.

Level 3 – Cooperate.
Offer what you have and be willing to share it with others as a means to generating even more. To do this you must first have reserves.

Level 2 – Retain/protect.
Keep for yourself, as if there is a shortage. In business it sometimes appears wise to retain and protect all that you know and have, but don’t get carried away.

Level 1 – Use another.


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