(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


The idea behind attraction is that it’s far easier to attract than it is to acquire. For example, it costs far less to attract new customers by referral than it is to acquire them through advertising. This is nothing new, but until now, attraction was just something that “happened”, like serendipity, and you were grateful when it did. But you couldn’t quite figure out how to have it happen again. And again. Automatically and consistently.

Well, now you can. The attraction method relies on the combination and synergy of two principles, both commonly known. First is the Chiropractic Principle. Rather than give you medicine to counteract a physical problem, a chiropractor moves your bones and body around so that your nervous system is more free to circulate its natural healing powers. In business, rather than push hard to sell, discover what is blocking potential customers from becoming active customers or what is preventing a high referral rate from current customers. Identify and relieve the blockage and you become more attractive, instantly.

Second is the Value-Added Principle. In a freely competitive world, whomever provides the most value for a potential customer will secure that customer. And to keep that customer, they add value, continuously; or lose the customer. Such is the nature of this principle. But what is value? What “adds” value? That’s?the question to ask yourself and only your potential and current customers know for sure, because they’ll respond predictably and naturally when enough value is present.

So, to become attractive, you identify and remove all blockages to a customer buying. These blockages may be price, availability, packaging, your personality, fear, environment or quality. And, you upgrade your value-added equation to give your product/service so much value that, as long as there were no blockages, the customer wouldn’t have to think much about buying; they’d just buy.


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