S:0133 Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Personal Bandwidth

[Personal bandwidth refers to your ability to learn and process information.]

1. Give up what you think the future should look like.
2. Stop trying to protect what you have or what you’ve created. Be able to afford to “lose it all”.
3. Stop trying to prove something to others or to yourself.
4. Heal all your personal emotional damage.
5. Get a vision that’s far bigger than you are.
6. Develop leadership skills, not just management skills.
7. Eliminate all blocks to intellectual, emotional and spiritual superconductivity.
8. Be willing to make lots of mistakes, correct them, and go on.
9. Assume that every assumption upon which you are basing your life or your business right now, is incorrect or is about to be come worthless.
10. Hang out with others who have plenty of bandwidth and learn from them.


Copyright 1998 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.