1. Identify the exact desired outcome before taking the action.

2. Make sure that the actions you’re taking are the ones that will get you the result you want.

3. Take twice the actions than you think it will take to get the result.

4. Learn while you’re taking action — improve, adjust what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

5. Make sure that you are taking effective actions, instead of just being “in action.”

6. Make sure that every action you are taking is producing at least some measurable result.

7. Be willing to alter or abandon your original objective if something better occurs to you.

8. Make sure that the actions you are taking affect others positively and add value to their lives.

9. Make sure that you have all of the resources that you need so when you take actions, they occur easily.

10. Make sure that you are the right person to be taking these actions.


Copyright 1998 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.