1. Be a walking demonstration of how effective your product or service is.

2. Seek to serve instead of just seeking to sell.

3. Add value by networking all of the time: Be a matchmaker every single day.

4. Add value to your potential customers by expanding their professional vision or goals.

5. Add value to your current customers by making sure they’re maximizing the use of your product or service.

6. Turn your customers into your company’s R&D Department, not just a focus group.

7. Improve your communication skills and relating style so that people want to be around you – a lot!

8. Turn your customers into your sales deputies; have them feed you business instead of you “prospecting.”

9. Teach others how to sell in an Irresistibly Attractive way — this guarantees you a strong future.

10. Strengthen your Personal Foundation and your Reserve Levels so that you don’t need the money anymore.


Copyright 1998 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.