1. Your Spirituality
You are not alone. Your growth in this area will be based on your beliefs, religion and history, but mostly it will be based on your awareness.

2. Your Money
You can have any quantity you want, just make sure you know why you want it.

3. Your Body.
It’s a waste of your energy to drag around a body that is tired, overweight, and/or drugged and cannot support what you want to do.

4. Your Relationships.
“Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone” – Thomas Leonard. But it takes your attention.

5. Your Mind.
Explore, learn, attempt, grow, think, study, reason and expand – from now on.

6. Your Creativity.
You have more than you think. (The play on words is intended.)

7. Your Wisdom.
There’s nothing you can do about it, it just comes to you. But I’ve listed it because some of you are going to work on it anyway.

8. Your Flow.
What goes around, comes around. Sow and reap. Give and receive.

9. Your Fun.
What’s the first thing you just thought of? Are you doing it? Enough?

10. Your Present.
All of your answers are in your present. The past and future are to visit, not live in.


Copyright 1998 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.