(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


High on the list of human conditions which keep us from having the life we really want is the condition of being attached to things. Attachment occurs when we really need for something to be a certain way in order to feel OK. This need will rear it’s head and cause us to do things which we might not otherwise do, all because we want to feel OK, or good, about ourselves. Therefore, being attached to an outcome is ultimately a loss of freedom.

Attachments can take many forms. Attachment can be mistaken for passion, beliefs or desires. You can tell the difference by checking how you feel. If you can still feel OK about yourself when something is not the way you want it, even when you passionately want it, then you are probably not attached.

You are not your hair, your watch, or your car. You are not your marriage or your professional title. And don’t let your net worth get tied up with your self-worth.

If you ever suspect (or have been told) that you have an attachment, the best corrective technique is to go to the extreme to release it. When you do, you will both validate the existence of the attachment and set the stage for it’s quick healing. Trying to talk your way into gently dropping the attachment is like trying to slowly remove an adhesive bandage. Quick and dramatic is better.


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