(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


During a conversation following a recent wedding a guest commented that as the years were passing he was “pretty sure he was clueless.” Everyone laughed and the conversation headed in another direction, but he and I continued the “clueless” topic.

His point was that by embracing his clueless-ness, life was getting better. It is now OK for him to not know the answer. It’s OK to not inject his opinion into every little discussion. He is finally feeling free to watch his life unfold day by day, enjoying the process and the results.

Does he have goals? Yes. Does he care how things turn out? Yes.

The difference is, by getting that he is clueless, he is free to pursue his passions. Every day has room for discovery and wonder. He is clearer about his values. He said, “I no longer have to get it right, whatever that is. I only have to live each day fully.”


Coaching Point: What would happen in your life if you embraced clueless-ness?


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