(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


(It may sound crazy to want to attain the level of Fear, but Fear is a great improvement over the other states you could occupy.)

Level 5 – Fear Fear is normal and useful, it can keep you safe. Even with fear you can see all options. A hero is someone who feels fear, but takes unprompted action anyway.

Level 4 – Scared Sees several options, very uncomfortable with situation, will rally others to action if the group energy is headed toward action.

Level 3 – Fearful Completely aware, want to hide, hesitant to act but will join others who are in action.

Level 2 – Terrified Starting to become aware, very few options, will take action if encouraged.

Level 1 – Catatonic Immobilized, no options, need an external force to get moving.


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