(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Love Others
You see the beauty that exists deep within each person, beneath their “flaws”; only here can you fully experience – and learn from – someone else.

Level 4 – Release Others
You allow others to fail (otherwise known as “learn”); at this level you are starting to catch on that you don’t have a clue about others, what they do and why life happens the way it does; this frees you to fully participate in your life.

Level 3 – Assist Others
At this level you are only involving yourself with people who have asked for assistance; you no longer see other’s “flaws” as an opportunity to get your needs met.

Level 2 – Help Others
Helping still includes a judgment on your part about who needs help; it is a pretty unilateral place to come from.

Level 1 – Fix Others
At this level of connection you, alone, decide who needs to be changed; it is highly judgemental and really about you and the shortcomings you perceive you have.


Coaching Point: Place each person who is important to you – spouse, kids, friends, clients, etc. – on the chart. Where do they fit and where do you want them to fit?


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