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“In any kind of relationship, there are sometimes magical turning points where the lens through which you’ve seen the other person shifts, showing you a new view of them that forces you to reevaluate who they are and where their limits and edges may lie. It’s one of the surprises I love best about the complex human animal — no matter how long I’ve known someone, there’s always the possibility of finding new depth, growth, layers and colors that I might never have suspected were there. Indeed, there are probably traits and colors within all of us that even we ourselves don’t realize we have until something or someone brings them out of us one day. But in that dawning moment of recognition, new possibilities and beauty suddenly present themselves like the sun rising on a new day.”

Lane Wallace – from her article in March 2002 Flying magazine


Coaching Point: This is a good description of what a coach does. Who are you seeing differently today?


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