(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


To be able to feel is an important skill in life, yet we have been experientially “trained” to reward thinking over feeling.

Of course, thinking is useful. To be able to reason, figure out, decide, understand and conclude are all useful outcomes of the thinking process and you want to continue to use this skill.

Feeling is, for many people, underdeveloped. Feeling provides you with information that thinking cannot. You may think thinking can, but it cannot. Feeling is non-linear, instantaneous, information-rich, creative, inspirational, jolting and fun to the point of being uplifting.

Thinking allows you to quickly react to situations. You are able to respond from your feelings.

How do you develop your feelings?

A powerful way is to focus on strengthening yourself. You become stronger when you have abundant reserves, few emotional hooks with your past, a rich community of people to connect with, few unmet needs and a clear awareness of your values. To strengthen yourself in these ways is not simple or quick. But if you focus on strengthening yourself, you find that you are much more aware of your feelings and the benefits they bring.


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