(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


One of the things most coaches (especially me!) like about the coaching relationship with a client is that we get to “see” the client being “bigger” than the client can currently see him or herself. The coach then holds this picture in mind until the client grows into it — it’s like they are pulled forward by the vacuum.

It is important to get the distinction that the coach is not forcing the client into something unnatural. Rather, due to the coach’s experience, perception and perspective, the coach really can see what is possible for the client even before the client can. This ability to see ahead is not limited to coaches, of course; you have probably done this for others, also.

In this growth process, a frequently missing ingredient is belief. The client may hear, understand and trust the coach, but still not believe that the outcome the coach sees is possible for them. Belief is missing.

In that case the coach may ask the client to “borrow” the coach’s belief in them. When they do, the client will frequently outperform their own expectations because they have let go of their self-limiting beliefs.


Coaching Point: Who would you be willing to let borrow your belief in them until they can have it for themselves? And where do you need to ask to borrow a belief in you?


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