(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


A characteristic of many entrepreneurs is that they tell lots of lies …. and then go out and make them into the truth!

Entrepreneurs will see, or have a feeling, or just get a slight inkling about an opportunity, then frame a story (often a “lie”) which suits them, and plunge ahead, learning as they go. Many have said that had they known what they were really getting into, they would have never started. Their lie carried them past a sticking point.

Understand that the lies they tell (to themselves and others) are not pathological. Entrepreneurs are not, by the nature of their entrepreneurial wiring, somehow incapable of telling the truth.

Far from it. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to see the truth when they need to see it and they act on that truth. [ A major role of a coach, when working with a classic entrepreneur, is to, at the appropriate time, help the client pierce the lie, get to the truth, and act from there.]

On the other hand, it’s the lie that starts the ball rolling.

Coaching Point: Are you an entrepreneur at heart?


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