S:0555 Principle: Perspective Determines Perception

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Your perspective (the view you have of something) determines how you perceive what you see. Looked at from one angle an object may appear to be one thing. From a different angle, another.

The old saying “What you see is what you get” means more than most people realize. In fact, what you see determines everything because your perception (what you see) forms your beliefs and your actions.

For instance, your job is merely the work you do to earn income or it is the way you express your purpose in life. The job is the same, but your perspective, and therefore your perception of it, is different.

It’s a great skill to be able to perceive clearly, accurately, and with discernment. People who can do this tend to move more easily and more successfully through life.

You can enhance your perception by trying different perspectives. The more ways you look at things, the more accurate your perception.


Coaching Point: What is one part of your life where you feel stuck? Look at it from different perspectives. Get help doing this. Do you then perceive it differently?


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