(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Lots of people have written about desiring — be clear what you desire; be consistent; be passionate; feel what you desire; and so forth. They are correct, desire is an important skill to develop if you want your life to come out a certain way. Desiring is much more effective than simply wishing.

But you will also want to acknowledge the existence of doubt. It s common for people to have clear intentions about their desires and, at the same time, to have doubts as to the possibility of those desires coming to pass. The conflicting intentions — the doubts — can cause you to not start moving toward your desires or they can distract and stop you as you are on the way to your desires.

As you clarify your desires also recognize and acknowledge the doubts that come up. Look each doubt “in the eye” and see what it shows you. A doubt unacknowledged is a hindrance. A doubt embraced is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Coaching Point: What are one or two doubts you have about something you desire?


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