(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Insincerity is a gift. Insincerity is a phenomenon of social interaction. When you are being insincere you are withholding what you really think and feel.

Typically you do this in order to avoid hurting someone s feelings. But you may be withholding because you think they re wrong, stupid, shallow, or will think less of you if you open your mouth.

The gift of insincerity is in catching yourself withholding and realizing that it s about you, not them. Something is off in you which causes you to behave this way.

Ask yourself: Why am I being insincere? Why am I judging this person? Do I simply not want to be around them? Why do I not say what I m thinking and feeling? What s missing in me? Answering questions such as these will bring clarity and help you grow.

It s exhausting to be insincere and life s too short to spend even part of it being that way.


Coaching Point: When was the last time you cleaned up an insincerity and moved on?


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