(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


You cannot be a good receiver unless you are also a good giver and you cannot be a good giver unless you are a good receiver. It’s about flow.

Everything in the universe is energy flowing from wherever it is now to wherever it will be next. Picture the tide — it rolls out and then rolls in, over time always in equal measure. Giving and receiving, when done effectively, is like that. Anything which restricts it, affects it.

There is a hole. When viewed from one side it’s called the Receive Hole. Viewed from the other side it’s the Give Hole. But it’s the same hole.

If you have a tough time receiving — say, receiving a compliment — then your Receive Hole is small. That makes it hard to give because your Give Hole is the same small orifice. Your giving is restricted.

In like manner, if you are always on the hunt to receive but you’re not giving very much (your Give Hole is restricted), then it’s hard for all you want to flow to you.

It’s one hole. Any restriction one way is a restriction the other.


Coaching Point: How can you become a generous giver AND an excellent receiver?


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