S:0628 Quote: Speed

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)


“Speed is a great solution for increasing income and productivity, but those benefits are only one piece of the picture. The bigger reason we should speed up is to make time for meaningful experiences. Speed is not just the way to get more work done– speed is the secret to having time to do what we want.”
Vince Poscente – from his book”The Age of Speed”


Coaching Point: Many people resist the speeding up of today’s world. (Actually, it’s always been speeding up; it’s just that each generation thinks the speeding up process started with it.) The resistance to speed shows up only when you feel someone else wanting you to speed up. It’s OK, even expected, when you want them to speed up for you. (When is the last time you were happy that the line at your bank moved slowly?) So, if increased speed in your world is an “is,” what’s one thing you can you do to have it work for you, to give you more time for something which is meaningful to you?


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