S:0675 Principle: Yes

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


“Yes” is a powerful word for you. When you say yes to something you start energy in motion and you give it direction.

You might think that “No” is just as useful. Not so.

Whatever you give your attention to causes energy to coalesce in specific ways. When you say yes you move toward your focus. When you say no….you move toward what you’re focused on, also, which is that which you don’t want!

At the very least, when you say no you are robbing energy and focus from what you do want.

When you find yourself saying no to something, stop and ask yourself what you can say yes to instead. For instance, say “I want to live life fully” instead of “I don’t want to die with regrets.”

Say “I intend to be wealthy” instead of “I don’t want to keep experiencing financial shortage.”

Say yes to having love in your life instead of “relationships don’t work for me.”

To make this shift will probably take some attention on your part because most of us have spent a lot of time saying no to things.


Coaching Point: Where have you already shifted from “No” to “Yes”?


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