(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


There are three components to your expansion which are worth investigating. If you’re not having the life you desire, you may want to see if you’re stuck at any of these junctures.

ALLOWING. At a conscious level you say you desire something, but at an unconscious level you list all the reasons why you can’t have it, as in [consciously] “I want to be financially wealthy,” [and unconsciously] “but then people will only want to be around me to get my money.” To fully allow you may have to look at and let go of some of your assumptions and old beliefs.

Allowing is making sure the door is open.

RECEIVING. When you’re receiving something you’ve not had, it must feel a little (or a lot) unusual, uncomfortable, un-normal. Of course it does, it’s new! For instance, “Wow, this great new relationship is moving really fast. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by my emotions.” To be an effective receiver you may have to practice enjoying the inflow.

Receiving is letting what you want come in the door.

HAVING. Many people don’t have the capacity or permission to enjoy what they have received, as in “How can I have so much when others have so little?” You may feel you have to earn something before you can have it. To have a high havingness level you may need to resolve some self-worth issues.

Having is keeping what has come in the door.


Coaching Point: Does any part of you resist this? Which part?


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