(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


The term “Life Purpose” can have different meanings for different people. The term is used here to denote the core compelling force which pulls you forward. It’s the idea, the passion, the objective which you discover to feel the best and most right for you for the time you are in this life.

Only you can discover your Life Purpose. No one else has your purpose and no one else can tell you what yours is.

How do you know whether you’re living your life purpose? Look for the absence of struggle.

Busy? You may be. Tired at the end of the day? Quite possibly. No measurable results for some time? Maybe. Never believe that living your life purpose is effortless, like being on some kind of moving sidewalk, carried along without any participation by you.

But it’s not about struggle either. If you’re struggling, you’re probably not living your purpose. When you are on your path things show up to support you and advance you. At times it can seem magical. People, opportunities, resources, guidance, all appear at wonderful times.

Use any presence of struggle to trigger a review and check out why you’re struggling. Is it that you really are living your purpose and just temporarily off in a dead end direction? Or have you headed completely away from your purpose because you think you “should” do something else?

Living your Life Purpose will make you smile not struggle.


Coaching Point: Do you know your Life Purpose?


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