(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


Living by assumptions is tough. When you’re correct in an assumption, things can be okay. But when you get one wrong, it can be painful — to your ego, your beliefs, even to your confidence. Repeated incorrect assumptions can cause you to not trust the process of life.

Looking reality in the face is no cake walk either. Sometimes we don’t like to see what is really so because it’s not what we want to see; we want it to be more pleasing. Health, relationships, finances, politics, business, trends — all are composed of what’s real and may not be the way you would like them to be.

So what? Sticking your head in the sand and pretending, making assumptions, is unlikely to improve your life. And it’s hard. “It’s a lot easier to ride the horse in the direction it’s already going” is an old truth.

When you live in assumption you abdicate your power.

Living in reality is the only place where you can cause change.

Get real. Then get into action.


Coaching Point: What is the biggest assumption you know about but from which you have been hiding? Will it really kill you to look beyond it at the reality of the situation?


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