(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


All beliefs are limiting.

Yes, they are, because the human mind is limited. Every time Mankind has imagined that it knows how things work, it gets a new lesson in just how limited its beliefs are. A flat Earth, isn’t. From Newtonian physics fully describe life to….no it doesn’t.

A wise person once said, “We can never exceed the limits we place on ourselves. We can only set new [greater] limits within which we then must live.”

Why do we have such a strong desire for beliefs? It’s because we seem to need to feel solid ground, something we can believe in unquestionably. Our many beliefs give us this sense of having a frame of reference within which we can safely operate. When an existing belief is then pierced, we are at the least unsettled and maybe even unnerved.

Rather than assuming your beliefs are real, how about rechecking them occasionally? By reexamining your beliefs you are much less likely to get blind-sided when one of your cherished beliefs is found — by you — to be no longer valid.


Coaching Point: What is one belief of which you are sure? What can you do to examine it?


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