(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


From little single-seat airplanes up to huge intercontinental passenger-carrying transports on up to supersonic fighters each type of airplane is designed to carry a specific maximum load. For top performance and safety each type is never to be flown loaded beyond its maximum.

But each type is designed to carry quite a bit more than its maximum load. Each is designed to a higher limit. The difference between the maximum load and the limit is the built-in reserve. Reserves comes into play when sudden forces such as wind gusts or a poorly-executed landing cause extra stresses to be placed on the aircraft, without the structure failing.

Reserves between the load and the limit show up in many places in your life. Or, more to the point, a lack of reserves shows up!

Lose your source of income and quickly be in financial trouble. Park your car at night with an almost empty tank and run out of gas on your way to work the next morning. Leave for an appointment with just enough time to make it and be late due to road construction. Continue to run fast always doing and never resting and end up with an illness.

The difference between your load and your limit is your reserve. Reserves give you space to respond to whatever comes up rather than having to react to it.


Coaching Point: What loads are you carrying and what limits do you have?


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