(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Things are not what they seem. They are what they are.

Your increased awareness is what makes the difference.

Throughout history people have assumed that a thing was a certain way, only to discover a deeper understanding which changed their view dramatically. Think – from flat Earth to spherical Earth, from mystical “ether” to air molecules, Newtonian physics to Quantum mechanics, mind to spirit, and from I-have-to to I-choose-to.

It is up to you to continually probe, investigate, look into, question, discover, play with, delight in, challenge, inquire, see, understand, know, wonder about, and awaken to what is so for you. What are your limiting beliefs? What is unresolved about your past? What are your energy “leaks?”

As you increase your awareness you will see what you can change, let go of, resolve, strengthen, and heal in order to experience what you really are, absent the debris.

Only then can you see beyond what seems to be so… …to what is. Therein lies freedom.


Coaching Point: Where have you already enjoyed increasing Awareness?


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