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“There are few problems which can’t be beat to death with a checkbook.

Just don’t attract problems which are bigger than your checkbook.”

Steve Straus


Coaching Point: Of course, having problems at all is a waste of your time and energy, but until you learn to transcend having problems (yes, you will) practice looking at a problem and first asking, “How can this be resolved by a little money?” Most people are reluctant to take this approach for two reasons. One, they’ve been taught to not spend money, if it’s a problem they can fix personally. However, if doing so is not your highest and best use, don’t do it; hire someone for whom it is their highest and best use. It frees up your time and gives them a chance to shine. Second, people say they don’t have the money. What they mean is they are unwilling to reallocate funds from other uses, say pleasure activities. Remember, getting free of problems is pleasurable. So, put your attention on why you’re here, what your life purpose is, and what the next thing for you to do is. In other words, the big stuff. Let your checkbook handle the small stuff. What is a current problem you can deal with using your checkbook?


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