(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Everything in life is energy and information, moving from wherever it is now to wherever it’s going to be next. In other words, everything is in a state of flow. You may notice this flow or not, but noticing it is useful because problems occur when you try to go against the flow.

Money, Love, Health, Relationships, Consciousness itself, each have their aspects of flow. Life gets better when go with it. The old joke line is that’s it’s a lot easier to direct vehicle traffic in the direction it’s already going.

So why do people resist this? Attachment to outcomes; trying to get their needs met; fear, uncertainty, and doubt; lack of awareness. The reasons for resistance are many. The results of resistance are predictable.

Does this mean you should never effort? No, it means if you find yourself efforting, first look to see if there is a flow in opposition. Then look to see if there is a different flow you can tap into which will give you what you want.

Flow, is. Struggle is optional.


Coaching Point: Where are you going with the flow right now?


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