(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Life is uncertain.

There are two ways to deal with life’s uncertainty. One is to fear it. The other is to enjoy it.

If, for you, uncertainty is fearful and upsetting, then a normal response is to use a lot of your energy protecting against possible negative outcomes, defending yourself and minimizing risk.

You might argue that contingency planning is a clever use of your time and you would be correct. However, the issue is not the few moments you use to project scenarios and plan accordingly, it is the unconscious energy you use living in the belief that the unknown future is somehow scary.

Another way to look at uncertainty is displayed by a small child sitting and playing with their toys. To a small child, developing and awakening into their world, life is completely uncertain. They have almost no concept of “future” and, so far, they have found the journey to be filled with many delightful moment-by-moment discoveries. They can have toy cars fly, stuffed animals speak, and time go backward.

Instead of fear, they get to gleefully experience the wonder and delight of uncertainty.

You might argue that one of the hallmarks of being an adult is that you see beyond the fantasies of childhood and deal with life “realistically” and, again, you would be correct.

The key question is, do you see the wonder and delight of uncertainty or the fear and doubt of an unknown and scary future? It really is only a choice you’ve made.


Coaching Point: You might want to ask yourself, “What would have to happen for me to experience the wonder and delight of uncertainty?”


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