(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


You have better outcomes when you communicate fully. Withholding is when you don’t.

It seems that most people keep silent about topics which are important to them and just expect, or hope, the world will catch on and give them what they want.

There are several reasons they withhold from saying what they want — fearing they will appear to be pushy, not knowing how to say what they want, needing to avoid conflict, putting another’s feelings first, feeling unsure, and other reasons.

Withholding is more expensive than communicating.

A key to direct communications is your tone of voice. How you say it is at least as important as what you say. A communication which has no charge, said to be charge neutral, has no up charge (lecturing, loud, pointed finger) and no down charge (apologetic, supplicatory, pleading). Using a charge neutral tone you can communicate cleanly and clearly.

The universe rewards action. Stating what you want is action. The action of communicating has its costs. The action of withholding is much more expensive.


Coaching Point: Where are you withholding right now? Can you afford it?


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