(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Have fun! Have a nice day. Have mercy. Have a cookie. Have a heart. Have a minute? Got milk? (Oops, that’s only an implied have.) To have and have not. Have gun, will travel. (Vintage TV) Have a good time. Have some more.

We use the word Have in many ways. It’s an unconscious part of our vocabulary. So it would seem that we are okay with having.

Then why are there so many stories of people receiving financial windfalls (lotteries and such) and within a few months blowing it, losing it, or giving it away? And stories of people who long for a deep committed relationship, find it, and then bail out just before the wedding? And entrepreneurs who want their business to grow, then find it overwhelms them and do things to damage the company (usually unconsciously) and shrink it back to a comfortable size? Do we have a problem with having?

We may. Discovering your barriers to having and resolving them is necessary in order to have (keep) what you have received. Barriers like, “I don’t really deserve this.” “Whoa, this has way more responsibility than I thought it would.” “People will treat me differently if I have too much.”

To enjoy what you have received, resolve the deep mental conditioning of your “havingness” barriers. Then, notice what you desire from your new place of being able to have, and ask for it.


Coaching Point: Desire, Ask, Allow, Receive, Have. And the trickiest of these is Have. Are you okay with having?


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