(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“What would my life be like if I gave up struggle?”


Coaching Point: It can be easy to believe that you have to struggle in order to achieve the outcomes you want. Effort/ hard work/push/Do-Do-Do, our surrounding culture supports the belief that working vigorously toward something is the same as, or must include, struggle. Not so. Struggle is optional, and a pretty lousy option at that. Struggle is using your energy being caught up in…struggle, not results. Work as vigorously as you want, just don’t struggle while doing it.

Try this: The next time you catch yourself struggling, take a deep breath and ask, “What am I missing?” Is the timing wrong? Is there not enough resource to get it done? Am I heading in the wrong direction? Is this thing I’m struggling over not even about my life, but rather something I ‘should’ do? By pausing in your struggle you give yourself options which are not available to you when you are immersed in it.


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