(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)


Fear is everywhere. The outside world appears to thrive on fear. It must, or it wouldn’t continue to generate so much of it. And not just at this time is fear so pervasive. There is no time in human history when large parts of the world have not been in fear and reacting to fear.

But these S3MC’s are more about what is going on inside us than outside — change your thinking, change your world.

Our inside fears are among our major motivators, defining and shaping who we hold ourselves to be and how we show up in the world. Fear is about pain and we are wired at a deep level to want to avoid, or at least minimize, pain. So we have been, largely, normed by our fears into the behaviors we unconsciously repeat. That is expensive and gets more so as life unfolds.

By looking at an individual fear, picking apart its constituent pieces, and resolving or reframing the pieces which are up for change now, we see ourselves showing up in new and healthier ways.

Of course, some fears are useful and life-enhancing: think of walking through an unfamiliar crime-ridden neighborhood, in the dark of night, alone. Useful fear? You bet.

This new category of S3MC’s is not addressing those. This new category, Great Fears, is about the internal, and frequently unconscious, fears from our programming, fears which keep us from experiencing the fullness of our life experience.

Some fears which will be addressed are rejection, scarcity, and the future — you know, simple stuff!


Coaching Point: Can you imagine your life without fears?


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