(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


Learners and Seekers appear to be in the same game, but they’re not.

Both enjoy data, information, knowledge, and, of course, wisdom. Both tend to be engaged in life, reading, studying, taking classes and attending seminars.

But a learner is someone who is ‘wired’ at the DNA level to enjoy the process of learning. They may or may not become a subject matter expert in any particular area. It’s the act of learning which so motivates and delights them, not so much what they might learn.

A seeker, on the other hand, feels that something is missing and is looking for something to fix them. They’re looking for a magic bullet, a piece of information or insight which will finally make their world right. Credentials, degrees, certifications, and strings of initials after their name may seem especially important to them. (Learners may also have these, as a by-product of their learning, but they are not the point.)

A seeker has a furrowed brow during their search for the ‘answer.’

A learner has a smile during their journey of discovery.


Coaching Point: A Learner may read this and think, “hummm, interesting thought,” while a Seeker may take offense. Which reaction did you have?


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